Rudolf Ivan

Rudolf Ivan

+421 908 597 319

I studied building construction school with specialization in wood processing, and I successfully finished with leaving exam. As a little child I liked everything that was related to wood. Time spent in nature confirmed in me that I will attend to woodwork in the future professionally. One visit at grandparent’s proved that to me: I saw a neighbor there who carved a snake for his grandson from a piece of wood. Since then, I used every spare time trying to carve. I was taught many techniques, I acquired a lot of information about wood, and this now helps me creating. Woodcarving cannot be learned at school only, there has to be a lot of further work and carving, and only that makes a man better carver.

Tomas Macko

Tomáš Macko

+421 902 526 331

I have been drawing since childhood, and after finishing high school I attended to painting. Me and Rudo are the best friends, we know each other since we were children. His work with wood (three dimensional reliefs, statues, sculptures, …) influenced me so much that I wanted to try it myself. Today I can’t imagine my life without creating. To work with wood is an amazing feeling, filled with joy. A man has to do what he enjoys, and when he finds it in life, there is no greater happiness.

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