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Woodcarving means working with wood and carver’s chisel, and it is a craft that has existed in Europe and on other continents since people remember. People have always respected and admired woodcarving, and that is why it is used in various crafts: joinery, house building, carpentry, art, …

Our website is here for all who admire woodcarvings, for hunters, and every nature and art loving people.

Products from our workshop are all handmade originals, and that means they are unique. All motifs – be it our own or requested by our customers – are carefully processed, and from the result it can be seen, how much we value our job and how much love we put into processing of the wood.

“Let your dwellings come alive by works of art with soul.”

Why us

100% handmade

All of our woodcarvings are handmade. We don’t use any CNC or copying machines.

Hard wood

We carve our products out of hard wood, and that differs us from other carvers. Such product is far more durable.

Every piece an original

We do not copy our woodcarvings. Every piece goes through the process of design and carving that is done by hand. That is why all our products are unique. You can see our woodcarvings in our gallery.

Satisfied clients

“I ordered hunting motifs to be carved into a table and a bench in my cottage. It created the proper atmosphere in my cottage, and my neighbor has never envied me so much. Great work.” Juraj


Give your furniture a soul. With woodcarving we capture motifs of nature, forest, hunting or anything else. Your furniture will also serve you for decades, because we carve into hard wood.

Vyrezávaný nábytok


With carved reliefs you can decorate your home, and bring a piece of nature right into your apartment or house. At the same time you can be sure that you will not find the same piece anywhere else, because every our piece is original.

Drevorezba reliéfy

Reliefs from photo

Are you looking for a way to preserve your memories or beautiful place captured on a photo? You will be delighted by the hand carved reliefs made from your photograph, their artistry and the precision of the work.

Drevorezba reliéfy z fotografie



Not interested in pseudo artistic household decorations sold by shops or supermarkets? Would you like to have a real original jewel at home? Tell us your idea, and our handmade woodcarving will surely fulfill your expectations.

ručne vyrezávané bytové doplnky
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